About Us

Welcome to www.Store4Golf.com, a subsidiary of Store For Golf.
Don Athey is the owner. Let’s hear from Don now.

“Hi. This is Don Athey. I am excited you are on this website and I hope you like what you see.
My goal is to spread passion for golf all around the world. I am very particular about the golf products I promote and present to you.
I want to help you enjoy golf and be a better player by doing business with me.
May your birdies be many, and your bogeys be few.”

Don Athey lives in the United States. He holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Physiology and Adult Wellness from Ohio University. He has also taken courses in Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin and numerous Harvard University courses online.

Don has held the Guinness World Record for stacking and balancing golf balls since 1998. He is proud to occasionally serve as a Guinness Goodwill Ambassador. He has appeared on numerous talk shows and written a book called, Golf Ball Stacking for Unbalanced People . Don’s book offers a humorous take on the world of Golf ball stacking. Don has stacked golf balls throughout the States and Western and Northern Europe. He especially enjoyed stacking golf balls at The World Golf Hall of Fame near St. Augustine in Florida, and attending the Guinness 50th Anniversary celebration in Midtown Manhattan.

Don is now using his diverse yet extensive background to share golf products and services with you. Please check out the Top Golf Deals available on this website today. Be sure to bookmark this website. We would like you to return as often you like, and strive to provide the service you deserve.